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Pricing & Process

Thank you for your interest in using Just Write Studios for your wedding calligraphy.  Our policies are simple, our pricing is affordable, our service is outstanding and our turn-around times are among the best in the business!


Pricing is for calligraphy only and does not include paper stock or other surfaces.  

We can order paper, mirrors, wood surfaces, chalkboards, etc. or you can bring your own pieces for us to letter.


Envelope Addressing - Hand Calligraphy 


Hand Calligraphy for Outer Envelope- $3.00

3-4 lines plus zip code in standard or diagonal layout. Additional lines- $1.00

Inner includes black or premixed colored ink.

No additional charge for lined or colored envelopes.  


Hand Calligraphy for Outer/Inner Set- $4.00

3-4 lines plus zip code in standard or diagonal layout. Additional lines $1.00

1-2 lines centered on envelope. Additional lines $1.00

Inner includes black or premixed colored ink. 

No additional charge for lined or colored envelopes.  


We are able to custom match the ink colors from your invitations.   

            Custom Ink Colors- $25.00 one time charge 

All addresses must be in Excel format with separate columns for each line or Word Document, Label format.

Must supply a minimum of 15% extra envelopes.



Envelope Addressing - Computer Design & Print



Guest Address Only- Set up fee $25.00,  $1.00 for Black or Colored Ink, $1.25 for White Ink

Guest Address & Return Address- Set up fee $25.00,  $1.25 for Black or Colored Ink, $1.50 for White Ink

RSVP Envelopes Must be A2 or larger.  Can not print smaller envelopes.

Return Address Only- Set up fee of $10.00, .40 for Black or Colored Ink, .65 for White Ink

Unfortunately not all envelopes are suitable for printing.  We will be happy to test your envelopes to see if they will work.

Set up fee includes a full proof of your envelopes prior to printing.  

All addresses must be in Excel format with separate columns for each line. No Word documents will be accepted.


Must supply a minimum of 15% extra envelopes. 



Place Cards, Escort Cards


& Menu Name Fill-in - Hand Calligraphy


Place Cards with name only-$1.50

Menu fill in with name only- $2.00

Escort Cards with table number (includes married couples with the same last name)- $2.00

Escort Cards with 2 separate names and table number- $2.50

Adding a table “name” instead of table number- Add .25 per card (extremely long names may incur an additional fee) 

Adding a meal designation for each card, ie. Rubber stamp, changing ink colors etc. - Add .25 per card

Custom Ink Colors- $15.00

Metallic ink- .25 per card

Paper provided by client, or we can provide for an additional fee. 


Place Cards, Escort Cards


& Menu Name Fill-in - Computer Design and Print


Tented Place Card Set Up Fee- $15.00, $1.00 each or White Ink $1.25 each. 3.5 x 4 scored to 3.5 x 2

Tented Escort Card Set Up Fee- $25.00,  $1.00 each or White Ink $1.25 each. 3.5 x 4 scored to 3.5 x 2

Double Sided Escort Card Set Up Fee- $35.00, $1.50 each or White Ink $2.00 each.

Place Card Flat Paper 3.75 x 2.25- 15.00 Layout Fee-  .75 each or White Ink $1.00 each.

Escort Card Flat Paper 3.75 x 2.25- 25.00 Layout Fee-  .75 each or White Ink $1.00 each.

Price includes our standard paper in White or Off White. Colored paper available for an additional fee.

We can also special order to match exactly for an additional fee.  Artwork can be added to cards if desired.

List must be provided in Excel Format with separate Columns.

Menu, Welcome Letter & Programs - Design & Print

Design Fee, $50.00 per page

Menus Print Standard Sizes Single Sided- $1.25 each or $1.50 in White Ink, Double Sided-$1.50 each or $1.75 in White Ink

Price includes our standard paper in White, Off White.  Additional charge for colored paper stock.

We can special order to match exactly for an additional fee.  Artwork can be added to all pieces.  If we have artwork in stock, there will be no additional fee, if we need to order or design artwork, we will advise of additional charge. 

Please email with your details for quote on programs. We offer many different layouts, single page, front/back of page,

booklet format, and accordion fold. Printing varies depends on quantity, size and printing method.

We also offer a wide variety of speciality items such as tags, door hangers, popcorn boxes, stickers

and all the signage you might need for your special day.


Invitation Design - Hand Calligraphy

Please allow 2-3 weeks for invitation design/proof process and 3-5 weeks for printing/foiling and addressing.


Full calligraphy design- invitation, RSVP card, return address, RSVP address sent electronically-

$400.00 due in full prior to starting design


Partial calligraphy design includes invitation, RSVP card, return address and RSVP address-

$200.00 due in full prior to starting design


Partial calligraphy includes names and one other line of calligraphy on invitation, 2 lines of calligraphy on RSVP card,

1 line of calligraphy on RSVP address. All other text will be done on computer.


Pricing includes two minor revisions.  Additional revisions will be $25.00 each. Please note, if requesting an

entirely different style, ie. a “redesign”, the next revision will be billed again at full price. 


Additional cards for invitation suite- Please email with details for quote.


We offer letterpress printing, foil printing and flat printing services. Please send an email with your details

(quantity, printing method, colors, send out date) for quote.


Mirror Seating Charts

$100.00 layout fee plus $1.75 per line

Can be a single person or married couple with same last name on each line. 


MirrorWelcome Signs


$100.00 design and lettering fee.  Additional artwork per quote.



Mirror ,Wood, Lucite, Acrylic Signage


Varies with size and text.  Please send an email with your details for an accurate price quote.



On-site Event Fees


Calligraphy- $100.00 per hour

Engraving- $125.00 per hour

Mileage billed at standard IRS rate plus tolls and parking actual rates

Hotel plus $50.00 daily meal expense for all overnight stays.  

Detailed event calendar can be sent upon request.  



Rush Fees


So you’re a little behind in your planning process and you need your invites ASAP?  We’ve exceeded many tight deadlines,

so we may be able to help you.  Please email your requirements and we’ll do our best to work with and accommodate your needs.  Rush fees start at 40% for those jobs scheduled over and above our normal working hours.  

Rush fees will also apply for the various printing and shipping vendors.



Just Write Studios Process


First Step


Email contact works best. Your questions and appointment confirmations will normally be answered within 24 hours.

Family time is very important to us, so we try to remain as “computer free” as possible on the weekends.

We look forward to returning your email on Monday!



Envelope Addressing


We are proud to offer one of the fastest turn-around times in the industry. As soon as you know when you will receive

your invitations, please send an email with your contact information, the day you plan to send them to your guests,

and the number of envelopes/envelope sets you intend to mail. Once we agree on the date to complete your work,

that time is reserved especially for you. (No deposit necessary) We ask that all envelopes and one invitation suite (for color matching purposes) arrive in our studio no later than 2 days prior to the reserved date. If you live in the MN/WI area

you are welcome to drop them off at the studio by appointment only. If you live outside the area, we will send our

mailing address as soon as we reserve your date. You can also have your stationer send the envelopes directly to the studio

with your name clearly marked. Addressed envelopes will leave the studio no later than one week after your

scheduled appointment. In 19 years of business, we haven’t missed a deadline!



Address List Format


First and foremost the list must be typed and sent via email in Excel format. We do not accept PDF files or handwritten lists. Excel- As long as you have designated columns for Name, Address, Second Line Address, City, State, Zip, Country (if other than the US), and another column for inner envelope names, it will be perfect. Make sure to put your name and wedding date at the top of the list. If your list is already in MS Word label format, that’s great! (for hand calligraphy jobs ONLY) Please put the inner envelope names one space below the address or list them in a separate column to the right. Don’t forget to spell out ALL abbreviations if that’s the way you’d like them to be written. If they’re not spelled out on the list, they won’t be spelled out on the envelopes. If you’ve sent an Excel sheet that has foreign addresses, please send a separate list in MS Word with the exact format you’d like those addresses to be written. Many countries have different postal etiquette requirements and we want to make sure we follow them precisely. Please send all lists via email no later than 2 days prior to your scheduled appointment.



Escort Cards & Place Cards


We firmly believe in waiting until no more than 2 weeks before the wedding to work on escort cards.

In our experience there are typically last minute changes, so waiting until the last minute usually works best.

If you think you’ll be rearranging tables right up until the last minute, you might want to consider small envelopes with removable table cards inside – a proven way to stay stress free! If you’ve already selected the perfect cards to match

your décor, don’t forget to request an appointment to complete those and other last minute details.



Mailing & Payment


Clients are responsible for all shipping fees. We ship via FedEx.  Final payment must be received before the

items are shipped. A PayPal invoice will be emailed once mailing costs have been determined. Once payment goes

through, your order will be sent within one business day.



Corrections & Additions


Please make sure to order a minimum of 15% extra envelopes to cover the occasional ink splatter, misspelling or last minute address change. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee if 15% overage is not included.

Once you receive your addressed envelopes, please review and send a complete list of all additions and corrections.

(Please note any errors on our part will of course be done at no cost) Any additions/corrections received after this time

will incur a $25.00 set up fee in addition to the price of addressing. All corrections/additions are done each

Tuesday morning and sent out later that day via USPS priority mail.



Invitation Design


If you’d like to have Just Write Studios design your entire invitation suite, please make sure to plan months in advance.

The design and approval process typically takes 2-3 weeks. While the actual design may only take a day or two, the proof process can often be time consuming. Printing can take up to 3-5 weeks depending on the season. It is important for you to have all of your text finalized before we start. 50% payment for the design process is due when you reserve a date.

The balance is due once the final proof is approved. You will receive one proof in the style of your choice and 2 minor changes to that design. Since the work is done by hand, any major changes, such as style or large portions of text, will require

an additional fee. If you plan to use your own printing services, please forward their contact information so we can format

your files appropriately. If you have pictures or a Pinterest board with samples/colors/styles – please share the link with

us to assist in the creative process.





We now offer several printing options to accommodate most budgets. 50% of the estimated printing cost is due when the design process begins. Final payment is due when the proof is approved and before it goes to press. Flat printing is the most economical and can be done on almost any type of paper in your choice of colors. Turn around time is generally 2-3 weeks from final proof. Letterpress does cost a bit more, but the results are amazing! Since your invitation design will be done by hand, we don’t think there’s any finer compliment than having each invitation letter-pressed one at a time on an antique letterpress.

Turn-around time is 3-5 weeks from proof approval. Want to add foil stamping to your letterpress invitation?

We can do that within the 3-5 week turn-around time as well.

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